FLIGHTS: Booking and the Book

What is FLIGHTS but an assortment of sorts-- a foray into the gap, the void between literary genres? Sudip Bhattacharya attempts to unfurl the myriad folds that make Olga Tokarczuk's book a uniquely delightful read.   Flights first gives you the impression of a cheaply printed travelogue. The covers are thin and brittle and the... Continue Reading →

Deserted in The Dark Room

Knowledge is bliss indeed but at times, it can turn out to be a blizzard that ruffles the feathers you have carefully arranged throughout your life. And it may take the rest of your time to gather the scattered feathers you dearly loved. Overweening desire to uncover precious truth creates varied versions of new age... Continue Reading →

5 Bestsellers of 2018: Never Miss   The bygone year has seen the release of numerous page-turners that you might have not cared for. Here are the choicest bestsellers that you should think about twice before you kick off your new year agenda. Ipshita Hazra does the task of selecting the best of the gems for... Continue Reading →

ZEALOT: The Man behind Jesus

For at least two centuries, scholars and popular writers have mined the Christian Gospels to look behind the different images of Jesus, to create an authentic portrait: the historical Jesus as opposed to the Christ of faith. Reza Aslan's masterpiece Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth is one such quest for grail. Suman... Continue Reading →

The Maligned Male Brain

All the debates that surround the phallocentric nature of our society are incomplete without discussions about this book, THE MALE BRAIN by Louann Brizendine. The phallic image is the most enduring one in the history because it has an all-rounder and one track mind of its own. It is a schemer, a philosopher, and a... Continue Reading →

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