How strong the moral detergent should be to wash away the stains of individual sins? Philip Roth's THE HUMAN STAIN exposes the culpibility of human nature that leaves a scar on the face of civilization. A perpetual scar that never leaves. Shouvik Banerjee examines it closely... A silvery grey cover with a black lower-body silhouette followed... Continue Reading →


"There's no bitch on earth like a mother frightened for her kids", writes Stephen King. In literature of all ages, mothers have cut extraordinary figures through their unconditional love, self-sacrifice and untiring affection. But even after such toils, a few mothers drown in their own tear-drops. Betrayed by their own children, their suffering knows no... Continue Reading →

To celebrate his 157th birthday LIBRILINIA organized a public poll for readers. We came up with a bundle of questions regarding the works of Rabindranath Tagore. Among many of the responses we have handpicked a few. Here are the questions and their respective interesting responses!!   ''Name a character from Tagore's texts whom you want... Continue Reading →

The Man Behind the Image: The Buddha in books

The Buddha lived amidst turbulences, of religious fundamentalism, social intolerance, political turmoil, and of fierce commercial rivalry. He rejected the comfort of royalty and the cushion of Vedic philosophy. And after standing face to face with truth preached detachment and compassion. He is, in short, a man for our times. Siddhartha Dey traces his own... Continue Reading →

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