How Democracies Die- A pitch- perfect dirge on Democracy

The innocence of a white background nailed by sharp red triangular spikes arranged in neat order─ the jacket couldn’t have been more apt for a book which probes into the garb of democratic sweet-talk. In our first rendezvous with political nonfiction, Rudradip Biswas shares his experience of reading How Democracies Die, a book that The Guardian... Continue Reading →

HOUSE OF LEAVES: Reading the Unreadable

Mark Danielewski is one of only two writers who can cause to wake oneself up with his own screaming. So thinks Robert Macfarlane, who feels Saw lulls the viewer to sleep. And he is not the only one. For many, an eldritch screech of the eerie holds more currency than the horrific. House of Leaves... Continue Reading →

Reading Graphic Novels

We can say that the graphic novel exists, as a form that different artists can use to express powerful feelings, incompatible realities, and inscrutable historical truths, in a way that they could not in any other medium. Moreover, we can say that the graphic novel should exist, if only to show us what cannot be read.

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