James Baldwin, when he wrote it, was a struggling black author yet how he managed to write the novella from the perspective of a white-skinned blonde American in a first person narrative, is a difficult question to answer. Part of the novella's charm lies in deception and no wonder, a reader willing to be... Continue Reading →

দুয়োরানী বাংলা ভাষা

Since today is the International Mother Language Day, we have published an article in the vernacular language - our mother tongue, BENGALI (one of the largest language communities in modern world) for which hundreds have laid down their lives. Our respect for all those bravehearts who in different corners of this world have fought for... Continue Reading →

সঞ্জীব চট্টোপাধ্যায়ের সদ্য পুরস্কৃত বই বাজারে বিকোচ্ছে হটকেকের মতো। সাহিত্য আকাদেমির ট্যাগ ঝোলানো বই বাঙালির নজরে না পড়ে যায় কোথায়! সেই বইয়েরই এক পাঠকের কাঁচামিঠে-টকঝাল-নোনতা অভিজ্ঞতা শোনা যাক। লিখছেন সিদ্ধার্থ দে।   সঞ্জীববাবু সাহিত্য অকাদেমি পেয়েছেন শুনে অধিকাংশ বাঙালি পাঠক ভাতঘুম ভাঙা গলায় বলেছিলো, "ও মা, সে কি! এতদিন পান নি বুঝি!!" আমার মনে হয় পুরস্কার... Continue Reading →

HOT MILK: Good for You?

Judging the sizzling cover image and the interesting title many make mistakes about the content. But the plot in the book reflects the unmistakeable coldness of our frozen lives. Yet the warmth of writing is felt across the pages always. Sayanti Mukherjee calculates the latent heat in Hot Milk.  Deborah Levy sets her story in sun-glazed... Continue Reading →

ANTICIPATION: Books of 2019

Every new year comes with a bucket, full of promises for a book-lover. We readers, by the general habit of our nature, read throughout the whole year only to reach the next reading year. New books, new covers, and perhaps new authors. There are just so many books to look forward to - from historical... Continue Reading →

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