ANTICIPATION: Books of 2019

Every new year comes with a bucket, full of promises for a book-lover. We readers, by the general habit of our nature, read throughout the whole year only to reach the next reading year. New books, new covers, and perhaps new authors. There are just so many books to look forward to - from historical... Continue Reading →

Toying with Transcendence: A Sneak-peek into Magical Feminism

The Latin American Boom is now a thing of the past. But the political climate that made magic realism so relevant has scaled new heights in recent decades. The ugly effects of delusional power-mongering has never been more visibly felt in public life. Hence, recent literature has been full of voices seeking light in a... Continue Reading →

Book-mining in BOOKLINE

Every day, after the sunset in the city of joy, the air in the tight alleys gets heavy with the breaths of banished poets and lets an ancient fragrance loose to catch the dreamers. Drawn by the smell in such a soaked evening, a certain dreamy young man wakes up in a cloudy 'Book Sanctuary'... Continue Reading →

Reading Graphic Novels

We can say that the graphic novel exists, as a form that different artists can use to express powerful feelings, incompatible realities, and inscrutable historical truths, in a way that they could not in any other medium. Moreover, we can say that the graphic novel should exist, if only to show us what cannot be read.

ULYSSES is a Bank

That day Mr. Bloom was worried that he might not be able to pay off Mr. Joyce from whom he had borrowed a large sum to celebrate and buy stuff  for the upcoming Bloom'sday and then we calmed him down and said that nobody pays that man back he doesn't mind he's a nice fellow... Continue Reading →

The Man Behind the Image: The Buddha in books

The Buddha lived amidst turbulences, of religious fundamentalism, social intolerance, political turmoil, and of fierce commercial rivalry. He rejected the comfort of royalty and the cushion of Vedic philosophy. And after standing face to face with truth preached detachment and compassion. He is, in short, a man for our times. Siddhartha Dey traces his own... Continue Reading →

The Master and the Liberator

Fifty years of a classic: One Hundred Years of Solitude. The birth of a master and a liberator. Indradeep Bhattacharyya celebrates... The same day when Librilinia approached me for a piece on Gabriel Garcia Marquez for their March number (Since the author was born in March, and One Hundred Years of Solitude has just turned 50), I... Continue Reading →

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