The blog SPREAD is run by an editing team of THREE people, all members from the NEXTREADS Reading Club. Apart from that we have one art- coordinator, one media manager, and an idea designer. The blogposts feature articles by members of the NEXTREADS Club and some guest columnists.



Siddhartha Dey, Blog Advisor

Siddhartha lives by words and believes in in-between states. A lover of solitude and silent companions, his mental world is largely occupied with thoughts of books, cricket, animals, and God.





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Shouvik Banerjee, Chief Editor

Pursuing an M.A. at UCL, Shouvik currently lives in London. He is never far from Kolkata though because that’s where all the good people are. He took up reading a few years back and boy does he love it! He began by playing cricket and ended up reading books…



Arkaprabha Biswas, Blog Coordinator


Though a bookworm, Arkaprabha is afraid of tomes! Quite consciously overlooking works like FINNEGANS WAKE or VANITY FAIR, he believes in what we call ‘reading for the love of it’. A student of literature, Arkoprobho is a foodie, fun lover and football fanatic !!!




Suman Mukherjee, Co-editor



Suman is a reluctant student. Bookaholic. Amateur artist. Constantly in love with books, colours, and games since 1995.





Babita Chakraborty, Art coordinator

Babita is an Assistant Teacher by profession and is also pursuing a course in Translation. She loves to read, write, translate, review and paint. An introvert by nature, she still enjoys interesting conversations. Researches with different cuisines, places, and books. Her book reviews have also been published in ‘Estuary’ and ‘The Scroll’.




Ipshita Hazra, Idea Manager

Ipshita prides herself on being a binge reader. She doesn’t believe in setting any boundary when it comes to books. You can find her tackling several books, at the same time. Occasionally, she does take a breather to rant or rave about them. She is quite active on Goodreads and is the admin of two online book-clubs Other than reading, she loves to travel, paint, bake cookies, and watch spooky films in her spare time.





Dipika Giri, Media Manager

Dipika loves to collect books and stare at them every day. An experimenter of genres, she often fancies imagining every detail while reading. And of course, she generally gets obsessed with photographing the books. She loves to click pictures and binge-watch scenes from her favourite movies and series for the hundredth time.