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“The first time I read an excellent book,’ wrote Oliver Goldsmith,’it is to me just as of I have gained a new friend: when I read over a book, I have perused before, it resembles the meeting with an old one.” Here in this blog we desire to make new friends every now and then to have a blast with all in a merry party.

“For us”, as Jeanette Winterson puts it,”books have turned into fast food, to be consumed in the gaps between one bout of relentless living and the next.” Books have been pushed to the waitlists because of our growing demand for more passive experiences like watching movies or having small talks on social media. It is imperative that books be given their due attention and while we treat them with more warmth and care, we discover a whole new network of books always in dialogue with each other. Our blog waters such passion for books but not bland bookishness. We give such people a wide berth all the time. We unearth our own memoirs, our stories of encounter with a book as if it were my friend or a foe.

Instead of coming up with a studied response, we try to be personal and honest. No matter how many times a book has been read or reviewed or dissected in seminars, my reading is still my reading. And it is this very subjective act and experience that we intend to project in our posts.

We also look to share our stories involving the very physical aspects of the book and the reading process. Did I read the mass market paperback, or the deluxe edition? Was this edition a second hand one containing interesting scribblings? Was this book suggested/gifted to me by an ex, whose memory kept hovering over my mind while I read? Did I borrow the book from a library and found out the pages that probably contained an illustration torn out? Had I watched the film version earlier and kept comparing all throughout my reading? Was this book prescribed in the syllabus and I kept wondering about potential questions? Did I read the book slowly, or rapidly? In the loo, or on my way to work? Did I stop midway only to pick it up later or did I read it at a go? I am sure, most of us will agree that these factors do affect our overall appreciation of a book and often make for very interesting stories. They are, in short, worth sharing.

We expect you to share your fantastic experiences with books as well. Our mad-about-books effort is aimed at forming a close and interactive community of genuine readers, artists and photographers whose creative enterprise will make ‘reading’ a sublime and comprehensive activity. Read and make people read. And together, my friend, we shall rise a wiser and a better person in ‘the morrow morn’.

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